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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


it's been a while since i updated this bloggie..well,wat can i say..i got lazy again..geesh~~how to UN-lazy myself,huh?i really need help..LMAO!jk jk!

looks like i've been neglecting my baby for almost 3 months now..haha!!the last entry i posted was on November 2008 and now it's February 2009 already!!talk about lazy to max!!?and i didn't post any new year post at all for 2009..2008 has passed and i gonna be 23 this year or 24 in Korean age..Aigooo~~ i felt so old already!!

since Eyda wanted to see my pics when visiting my aunt at Singapore last December, i'll post something this week..i never thought anyone wanna see it though..well,maybe Eyda is my fan..hahaha!!jk jk jk!!

i read some of the comments in the shoutbox..i saw someone new; Lynn & passerby(lol)..yeah passerby, Wonder Girls rawkkk!!the coolest Korean girl group since Fin.KL & S.E.S..the yeodongsengs of South Korea!!kekekekee~ *ends fangirl mode* ..
after reading Lynn's comment, it made me realised that through blogging i could help other people in knowing our Malaysian culture..although Malaysians - Malay,Chinese,Indians & other races - live harmoniously together, most of the time we don't have any idea of how other races run their lives. It's true though, most of Malay don't know what the Chinese actually do during Chinese New Year except for the lion dance..or some Chinese dunno that some Malays actually listen to Chinese songs..or some Indians do eat Chinese food..i guess that our racial barrier are bigger than it seems..

do i sounded like a politician?kekekeke~~

well well of my bestfriends; Bihah is now a ViP!!Congratulations!!haha..never thought that she'll be one of K-Pop addicts..for those who dunno, VIP is the official name for Big Bang's,huh?Sadly Bihah, i won't be buying BB's Global Warning DVD since i'm saving my money for *something*..kekekke~~ i already got BB's Mini Album ; STAND UP at HMV during my visit at Singapore..hahaha!why didn't i buy the rest of the albums/mini albums?well,because i'm short of SIngapore dollars and i need to buy one of WG's album!haha!actually i'm torned between buying BB's Stand UP or WG's The Wonder Begins(Irony)..since there's no Yoobin in the WG's single,i decided to buy BB's album's not like i hate Irony or I snatched WG's 3rd Project; SO HOT and also BB's STAND UP..WG's The Wonder Years Trilogy & The Wonder Years were sold out!!and I managed to convert one of my guy cousin to like Wonder Girls..and also one of my 7-year old cousin already know the Wonder Girls..whenever i opened my laptop, she'll be like; "Are you going to watch the Wonder Girls?" and sit beside me..haha..i guess she fell in love with the WOnder Girls already..sometimes she'll randomly sing "Nobody Nobody but You" or "I'm SO HOT..lalala~"..So cute!

*Bihah you should buy BB's Stand Up..Taeyang & TOP looks really hawt in the photobook!!hihi~~

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