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Thursday, February 05, 2009

WON to the DER to the BANG BANG!!

i just wondering why it's really really really hard to get the Wonder Girls & Big Bang's CDs in Malaysia..i could easily find CDs by SM artistes but not the other company..why why why oh why??no offense but i never like SM artists although i heard that DBSK have the largest number of fanclub members in the world..i don't hate them, but i'm pretty much don't really care about their artists..the reason is ; they're not MY STYLE..

WonderBang is MY STYLE..they just look natural on stage..they don't try too hard to win the audience's hearts..ok ok back to the CD thingy, my frens told me that u can find their CDs at Times Square,KL run by an ahjumma..but the thing is..THEY'RE TOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!some say it costs more than RM75 for The Wonder Years Trilogy..WTF!!i bought The Wonder Years Trilogy for only RM66 at and that includes shipping cost!but if you buy them at HMV u will only spend under RM55..why can't HMV open their branch in Malaysia,specifically in KL??Tower Records is like the biggest CD/Music resources in Malaysia yet they don't sell any Korean artists besides SM artists,Shinhwa or Rain??that is like SOOO uncool..HMV totally kick Tower Records' ass!!

well,enough of my rant..since i mentioned that i bought WG & BB's CDs at HMV in Orchard Rd,Singapore last December,i just wanna post some of the CDs' pics..and i also included some pics from The Wonder Years Trilogy CD although i buy them from Yesasia a day before!some of you might say that they're old already..well,who cares,i just bought them..hehe~~

^^poor Sunye got flash on her face

^^can't help it since i'm Yoobin-biased..haha

^^love the CD's package

^^STAND UP people!!

^^ hawt Taeyang!!

^^ smexy TOP!!

^^wanna make a Mini Taeyang??

^^The Wonder Years Trilogy

^^one of my fave pics..classy~

^^Free poster!!

^^i like their cute!

^^ok..yoobin-biased pics again..LOL!

honestly, it was worth every Ringgit..the photobooks pics were really nice & kinda high quality too..and i proudly say that i still kept them with plastic cover..yeah,i was kinda afraid that it'll be ruined by my family members or friends..and yes,i am paranoid like that,so shut up.kekeke~~

and i was kinda jealous that my Singapore guy cousin got his copy of The Wonder Years album (the one with Tell Me) was sold out during my visit..pfftt~~

i end this post with WonderBang's performance at MBC Gayo Daejun 2008..WonderBang were really hawtter & smexier together..the only thing that i don't really like was the fact that there were no TooBin or RiMi performing together..huhu..but still i like their performance!

~ WonderBang medley ~
~ Irony,Lies,Tell Me,Haru Haru,Nobody,So Hot & Last Farewell ~


  1. Wuihhhh!!!!! I love merchandises! Especially from my fave celebs.If me lah,I'll won't open the packaging,biar balut dalam plastic cover je..sayang! Haha.

    Good for you,yes.It is worth it! :)

    PS:I missed you dearly :P

  2. yeah!me too!!Korean CDs are the the BOMB!!their packaging are really unique..i saw a Korean CD package that resembles a passport at HMV!that is sick!!

    missed u too,honey!