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Monday, February 09, 2009

Nobody Nobody~~

first of all, i just wanna say sorry to Eyda for not updating any pics from Singapore, last week..Yeah,i know i was supposed to,but i had to finish my assignment!did i mentioned i'm alone at home,rite know?well,with my bro actually..he's still sleeping at his room and it's 1:40 pm rite now!!Can you believe it??well,my other family members are at my grandma's house since today's a holiday..

next, i wanna wish my two friends that i've been friends with since primary school, Angela & Nurul Liyana (you know who you are!), who celebrate their birthdays yesterday!!HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY, GIRLS!!and to those who are wondering whether or not they're a twins,NO,THEY'RE NOT TWINS!just two people happened to have the same birthdate.LOL!

reading comment dropped by Eyda at the chatbox,i saw that she just saw the TOOBIN fanvid that i made last year.Could u believe it?She's my friend and she just knew it this year? *DUSH!!**smacks Eyda's head*

well,i made another one last December but there's not only TOOBIN but DAEEUN too!!some people requested for other WonderBang pairings vids too especially RIMI but i haven't had any inspiration to do it,yet..yeah,i maybe sounded too corny but it's the truth..i need the "SONG" to fit them..and here's the TOOBIN & DAEEUN fanvid that i made last December..the song was NOBODY - EAST of EDEN LOVECITY MID-TEMPO REMIX sang by a Korean WOnderful..sorry i dunno their names..and ENJOY the vid!!

To watch it in HD, go here >>

WonderBang pairings
*TOOBIN - TOP & Yoobin
*DAEEUN - Daesung & Yeeun
*RIMI - Seungri & Sunmi
*G-YE - GDragon(Jiyong) & Sunye
*TAEHEE - Taeyang(Yongbae) & Sohee
*HEEDRAGON - GDragon & Sohee
*SUNTAE - Taeyang & Sunye

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  1. Thanks for the wish,dear! hehe,arini besh sket,sebab line a-okay! v(^_^)

    ..goes to the next post sebab I found something will amazes you!