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Sunday, February 15, 2009


yeah..according to the screencap of Yoobin's Cyworld below, Kamille dongseng & I, together translated them..LOL!it's true that I also translated,but only the caption above the "bowing" bunny.The rest were translated by Kamille..haha..I love Maria dongseng for including me in the credit section!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


yup,international WonderFuls called me BeeBee..At first, I used Bell but there's more than 1 Bell in the Kim Yoobin International Forum. So KYB fam started playing with names.There are Fingfing,Mimi,ChuChu,Pupu,KooKoo & etc..Then suddenly I became the BeeBee name stuck on me.LOL~

*Spectacle is one of Wonder Girls' International Forums.

*Yes Fatin,I learn to read Korean by myself.I'm not lying..There are lots of tutorial on the Net.Muahahaa!!


  1. Guess what? Your (user)name was credited in a fan blog of WG's!! hahaha..maybe you knew about this,but whatever..I got so excited XD

    Here it is:

  2. ah..i saw that post already when i was looking for something at her site.

    i was actually lurking around Wonder Girls' Daum Starzone site when i found the unseen pic.then i gave it to Apple *points to friends list* for her to upload it on her ..i never taught they would credit me..haha~

  3. Dah jadi fangirl-superstar lah ni! Cool! :D

  4. lol!xde ar superstar..kekeke..but most of them know me la..since i uploaded many yt clips of yoobin & wg

  5. Dah tengok ke the link I've sent to you? Maybe my next creation's will be named "Fangirl Superstar".Hehe.