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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonder Valentine's Day

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actually I don't celebrate Valentine's Day..anyway, I spent 1/2 of the day with 4 oppas & 2 unnies!!haha!!i'm so happy coz I was the maknae at the time!!kekeke~~

I was really happy that Arina unnie texted me last Wednesday asking if I am free on 14th Feb coz Ebi got a show at Sunway Pyramid on that day,together with Dafi & Alam (the casts of movie Sayang You Can Dance). I immediately say yes I'm interested in going !!LOL!it have been a long time since I hang out with my fave unnies & oppas..I think the last time was somewhere in the end of 2008..

Anyway,from Putra Kelana Jaya,together with Arina unnie,waited for Kematz oppa to fetch us. Then we reached Sunway Pyramid around 1 - 2 pm. Since we were sooo hugry (excluding Kematz coz he just ate before fetching us.lmao!), we went to McD to filled our tummy.Not suprisingly,Kematz oppa also ordered something to eat there.Gu0ys~~ While we were eating, suddenly a "pink" girl appeared at our table..LOL!it was none other than Eton unnie,with her diva-like appearance.LMAO!we thought she didn't want to come but she come anyway. After a few minutes, Awie oppa joined us with his big black backpack(there's a pink little laptop in there O_O). It was almost at 3 pm when we leaved the table to go see Ebi. We also met the famous Shark (a really big fan of Ebi! :p ) with her friends there. The event won't start until 30 minutes later..aigoo~~

L-R >> Dafi, Alam, Ebi & Azim

Somewhere at 3:30 pm, the B-Boys & Alam (the winner of Malaysia's So You Can Dance) started the was really impressive watching them although some of them looked like they haven't taken any bath before coming.LMAO!but one of them really caught my eyes.I was like drooling mesmerized really really like his style of dancing. I wonder how he can do all that. He's actually kinda cute & kinda short for a guy, just like Taeyang but minus the voice. He really shouldn't open his mouth coz his voice was kinda weird.LOL!Btw,his name is Azim & he's in the movie too.Not sure about his role though. Btw, Alam sounded like a chipmunk.sorry!haha!I think my voice is deeper than him..kekekeke~~

Ebi Kornelis was the 2nd to perform after that. He sang 2 of his songs; Hadirkan Cinta & Pahlawan Cinta.LOL at the title!kekeke~~~ Ebi seriously need to cut his hair or he might look like Ronald McDonald.ㅎㅎㅎㅎ ~~ and please get a more stylo cap, Ebi (+_+). Well, his voice & interaction with people improved a lot!Good for you!

Next was the pretty boy of AF5, Dafi. He also performed 2 songs; Seumur Hidup & Baby Harus Bersama. He actually reminds me of my cousin from Singapore,Hakheem. But my cousin's much taller & skinnier than him. By the time he sings on the stage, there's a lot of underage girls fangirling & fancaming his performance.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ Not my style,though~

After that,all the casts of the movie "Sayang You Can Dance" get together on stage to perform something.I LOL-ed a lot seeing Ebi dance..hahaha~~ he juz need to lose some weight..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ~

[ Click Here for the vids of the event ]

*if u saw a short guy with leather vest & has amazing skill of breakdancing,that's Azim btw~~
*fangirling FTW!!*

Since Ebi got nothing to do that evening, he asked us to hang out with him.All of us went to a Mamak Restaurant at Bukit Jalil coz Ebi loves the place.LOL~ He even treated us too!Too bad I can't get anything too eat coz I was still full with the McD food I ate at Sunway Pyramid. Ebi jokes a lot, just like in AF5. Shark's group joined us but had to leave early coz she had to do something(?). The rest of us were at the Mamak restaurant for like 3 hours, chatting & joking with each other. Ebi even gave us a demo of his new songs from his handphone, the songs he just finished composing. The one I like most was the song he sang with Felix, " Musafir Dunia". The rest was plain to my ears.ㅎㅎㅎㅎ~~ don't mad ah Ebi..haha..Fortunately for him, I gave him my opinions.I told him the songs need something unique & a little upbeat. I hope it helps him. Let me just say that his biggest influence was the band from Indonesia, Dewa. All Ebi's songs sounded like Indonesia's songs which is good & a little different from Malaysia's songs (too plain for my ears) =_=)'

After a few hours spent there, we decided to go home since Ebi needed to go somewhere to get his drama script. The rest of the group still want to hang out together but only at different location.But I surrender since it was already 8pm-ish & I'm missing my WonderFuls fam.LOL~ The rest of them went somewhere to meet Idril unnie & her husband to continue gossipping more..ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ~~~

actually, I was kinda tired coz I slept like really late the day before..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~


* all pics were taken from Kematz oppa's blog,except for Wonder Girls Valentine's Day's


  1. OMGZ!!!! You went out with Ebi??? OMG OMG OMG!!!! *hhdhdhhfjehf*

    I wish I could do that with some particular German guys ;)..ah,anyways,you looked rugged with the aviator sunglasses..teringat Enche Tom Cruise..hehe.Jangan mare! XD

    Anyway,dear..I know I've been asking this a millionth times,eh,what's your fave color(s)? *hint hint*

  2. haha..actually a couple of times before.ahaks!

    so you're into german guys now?wat about the japanese guys??

    btw,that aviator sunglasses is Ebi's.we actually wear them secretly & Ebi had no idea about that..kekeke~ favourite colours would be black+orange,baby blue & white i think..and maybe pink+black..sometime it depends on my mood though..^_^

    ps:i dont get the *hint hint* thing? O_o

  3. sjdhjhh..a couple of times? Pergh..dah maju skrang :P

    so you're into german guys now?wat about the japanese guys??
    well,it's a long story,dear. Anyways,my sis are way into them,so I don't wanna berebut with her,and I'm now eyeing the German boyz lak :P

    Pasal *hint hint* tuh,dya get an invite from Blogger-some-sort? Tell me what ya think :)