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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holiday in Singapore 08-12-11 ~Part 1~

Actually I wanna post this sooner but I became really lazy to edit the pics since there were lots of them.HUHU..but not to disappoint Eyda, I posted them I a great friend or what!

We went to Singapore by train..midnight train to be exact..Aigoo~~so tired sleeping in the train but it was really fun. If only it was not a 6-hours journey.The next day was my brother's birthday but we didn't really celebrate it..haha..The first place we went was ViVo City, the largest mall in Singapore (but smaller than Mid Valley!!haha!Malaysia won!). We bought nothing since the shops were kinda like what you got in Malaysia except it's more expensive so we just hang around at the mall.My sis,cousin & me went to the rooftop & also to the playground..Just to waste time..LOL!
We went to Vivo with a double decker bus like this one ^^

^^You can see Sentosa Island from Vivo

^Playing around at the playground

The next day we went to my uncle's wedding at Johor since it's kinda near to Singapore..We nearly lost on the way there coz the place was kinda in the rural area. We went there with a rented can that looked a little like the Wonder Girls' "Wonder Mobile".hahaaha~~ Although we spent like 2-3 hours juz to get there,it was worth it coz the food were super yummy!!LOL!But before going to the wedding, my granny wanted to visit the famous "Makam Habib Noh" located between Palmer Road and East Coast Parkway.

On the 3rd day at Singapore, we went to the famous Night Safari.I actually had visited the place when I was 8-10 years old. This time only the young ones went since the elderly(LOL!) just want to rest at home coz we have to go to Batam the next day. I thought we would be riding a tram there but my cousin said it's better if we walk.Walking is really tiring but it was fun juz bcoz the cousins totally owned the place.Haha~ we were like really loud,but not loud enough like monkeys..ROFL!After visiting the place, we went to Laupasad juz to get some food coz we left the house kinda early and didn't get to eat dinner.

^^Yummy lamb burger

^^the tiger was soo skinny but got a big head XD

^^Supper at Laupasad

to be continued...

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