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Monday, April 13, 2009


i was supposed to update this afternoon but i was kinda sick..i got a really heavy headache and a little fever.. T__T

the only thing that was funny whenever i caught a fever is that, i eat a lot..haha~~
weird, huh?

and yesterday i got my Wonder Girls official merchandise for the 1st Wonder Concerts!!wooot!!

**edit : my 2nd time buying stuffs from i only bought Wonder Girls' The Wonder Years, Big Bang's 1st Mini Album: Always & BB's Stand Up Bracelet.but my fren Bihah bought 3 of BB's albums & also the 2006-2008 Photobook.and guess wat?it costs her almost RM400!haha~ crazy fangirl!


  1. wanna ask..what is the thing in the 3rd pic? file ker?

  2. that's BB's Photobook.Lawa giler seyh the pics in there!!