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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy belated birthdays..LOL~~

and this is how me n my frens celebrated our's not a typo..since we're actually celebrating for 4 birthdays.LOL!!it has been a really long time since we met.Well, all of us were really busy with works and assignments.Aishh~~~

We just meet up & hanging out, talking about our exciting boring life..haha~ We spent almost 6 hours at Berjaya Times Square!!Hanging out at Wendy's for almost 2 hours I think and the rest of the time we just window-shopping around the mall. XD

We're actually planned to get into the Cosmoworld >> the indoor theme park at Times Square but coz of time constraint, we didn't. So we just took photos around that area since it was so beautiful there.

Camwhoring time..LOL~~

^^LOL~ Paparazzi wannabe!

^^ Didn't realise there were 3 couples wearing the same colour.Haha~

^^ The Bengongs..LOL~


  1. hehe..
    dah lama x singgah..lain dah rupenya..
    btw monitor ak gelap skit..
    dah tua dh komp ak xnampak gambar yg cun..sume nampak gelap jea..

  2. alaa..duit banyak beli ar baru..>,<