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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonder Girls' Merchandise!!

Last Sunday,went to Kelana Jaya LRT to meet our dearest Erin unni to get the WG merchandise that we ordered through her. We were supposed to meet at KLCC but then most of the people who ordered them cannot make it,Erin unni & me decided to meet up,just the two of us.Went to Kelana Jaya coz she's still a little sick at that time & also bcoz she wants to give me something if I went all the way to Kelana Jaya.haha~~

All this stuff were imported from Korea and there are Official WG 1st WONDER Merchandise..well, except the mouse pad that Erin unni bought from Bangkok, Thailand.hehe~~ i don't buy all of them, just the tee,handphone strap & the sticker set..but instead of 3 items,i got 5 !!all thanks to Erin unni & Aziz dongseng for giving me a WG mousepad & a WG poster!!Well, the rest of the stuff belongs to Intan & Aziz coz they asked me to keep them before giving to them later since they're so busy..XD

^^Phone Strap

^^Sticker Set

^^Posters.Mine's on the left

^^WG 1st Wonder Tee.Mine's on the left

^^WG Photos with Message

^^Unofficial WG Mousepad from Bangkok

^^Unofficial WG socks from Korea

I really wish they could come to Malaysia to promote their albums..huhu~~
and thanks a lot Erin unni for helping us!!

**Binnie's latest twitter update :
" boring...boring.... save me.... -_-..... 노라조~~~~~~~~~"

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