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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something wrong somewhere?

I dunno why my net's being gay now..I can surf websites like any regular days but it's sooo slow to download or upload anything now..aigoo~~

it is just my net or everyone's in Malaysia is having the same problem??I tried calling TMnet to ask about this problem but the answer i got was, "We are sorry but all our staffs are busy now.Please try again later."Stupid answer machine.It's really hard to get through.T_T I bet all of them are busy because lots of people were complaining about their lousy services, or they just don't want to entertain any complains coz they're too lazy?LOL~

Btw, the weather is really crazy lately~~ Sometimes it's too hot & sometimes it's rains heavily =_= Hope you guys take care of your health more,alright? and not to mention, the Swine Flu is spreading like crazy in the world today..and I actually worried about our Wonder Girls babies in New York.Hope JYP take care of them~

I have to admit that I am a TEAHOLIC now..I can't survive a week without any tea!LOL~~
Green tea...Iced Lemon Tea..Red Tea....O__O

omo..2 days 'til Sunmi's birthday!

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