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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mad..Pissed..and Jonas Brothers?

some people are just too ignorant..i dunno why..they think some problems can just be settled with ice creams & chocolates..i cant understand these people..really.. :(

it's hard really to find people with the same minded like me..sometimes i wish there's another me just to let everything out from my chest..some people might think i'm too sensitive but it's the's hard for me to talk to anyone about my problem..i dunno why but i just not comfortable talking to anyone about it including to my bffs..

i think i got anger management issue lately..aigoo..i felt like everyone is pissing me off.. >.<

Owh..btw, Wonder Girls will be touring with Jonas Brothers in the US starting from this 27th June(Sohee's Birthday!!).They will sing the english version of Nobody on that date!!I just hope Joe won't be bothering my little princess rapper Yoobin..haha~~

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