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Thursday, July 02, 2009


I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY disappointed with JYP..he really shouldn't have said that he will be bringing the Wonder Girls to Malaysia for the upcoming MTV Asia Awards when things are not confirm yet..and then later crushed thousands of WonderFuls hearts in Malaysia & Singapore by saying due to the extension of the Jonas Brothers Tour,Wonder Girls won't be coming to Malaysia but instead he will let 2PM come instead..WTH!!I love 2PM but they're not the Wonder Girls..2PM won't be performing "NOBODY" on stage..and 2PM is obviously a group of guys with different personalities from the Wondedr Girls..

Of coz I'm happy that the girls are getting popular in the US but how about the Asian fans?I dunno what JYP's thinking but he makes me think he didn't appreciate fans from Asia..I can really feel the Korean WonderFuls' feelings..I was born as Korean-International WonderFuls..not as US-International FAN*Tastic. I'm missing the old Wonder Girls groupies. I don't want this small thing will make me lose my interest in the Wonder girls especially in Yoobin. AND LAST but NOT LEAST, THANK YOU JONAS BROTHERS for more Wonder Girls' exposure in the US & also for making Wonder Girls not coming to Malaysia!


[Link to Twitter Messages by JYP about WG Coming to Malaysia]

call me immature or not understanding the WG enough but i'm emotional rite shut up..


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