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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas in Malaysia

actually i don't really know how they celebrate it in Malaysia.all i know most of them fire the fireworks when the clock strikes at 12am on Christmas Day (and on any festive holidays.LOL).

these pics were taken last week and 2 weeks ago when my cousin was in KL. Pavilion tried to be like Orchard Road and it was quite nice.I heard a couple of days before got "snow" there XD. and the decoration inside Mid Valley was really interesting. They used the fairytale theme and they built a castle-like stage in the main lobby!this year i havent got any chance to visit KLCC since the mall now is packed with illegal immigrants sitting around the building.which made you feel like you are not in Malaysia. BOO! >.<


Lots of Christmas trees at Pavilion XD
*i'm not in any of the pics*

in Mid Valley "Forest"


  1. Guess what? Last Christmas aritu,I got a massive PMS the night I watched LoTR kat 8tv..skali lepas jer abes tgk,period lak.

    ..I spent my Christmas in bed. XD

  2. haha omg!kesian..XD

    what do u got for christmas?

  3. it's my first experience though..klaka jer rasanya.Let's see,*thinks* neh,I didn't get any pressies..but I got flying colors for last sem's final and I've passsed CompTia certification exam! \(^_^)/

  4. oh i thought all ppl around the world got presents on Christmas XD

    but the present u got on the final is better than any presents,right?lol.anyway congrats! :)

  5. Yup,it's okay.That's what I thought when I was a little girl dulu-dulu.I thought Santa sempat nak hantar all those pressies all around the world XD

    Thanks dear.But keeping up with the level seems like a burden for me :(

  6. lol.time kecik2 memang sume bende pon macam real.whenever i see the chimney,i always ingat nanti santa keluar dari situ.haha