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Friday, January 08, 2010

Paranormal Activity

FINALLY!! this movie is shown here! actually i've watched this movie illegally before *ehemehemtorrentehemehem* but since the feeling is different when watching on tv & in the cinema, i've decided i'm gonna watch it again.kekeke~ i remember watching the movie Quarantine in the cinema & on tv *ehempirateddvdehem* , and the feeling was really different. i felt like the movie was scarier when we watch it in the cinema XD

so, the movie has been released yesterday and i have yet to find any person to accompany pathetic,right? LOL. This weekend gonna be a little busy going places to places so i doubt i can go watch it.

What's the movie all about? Well, this couple experienced lots of "weird" activities around the house when the sun sets(in other words, at night XD). So the boyfriend decided to film them when they were sleeping in order to  know what really happened. What makes this movie scary is, we didn't know what to expect. Will we see any ghosts?gremlins?grim reaper? or we can't see anything at all. So i really recommend you Malaysians to go watch this movie. the beginning was a little boring so just tahan yourself. LOL. Happy watching!

before i forget, anyone watched Carriers before? is it any good? coz the trailer really scared my sister and she don't want to watch it with me. BOO!!

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  1. I loooiiikkee thrillers! (still,Paranormal Activity is in my waiting list of movies to be watched.)

    Erk? Lagi seram kalu tengok kat cinema? Well,budget-wise, *coughcoughpiratedcoughcough* lagi senang.But the challenge is to get the reel-deal one (quality terms,of course.)

  2. yup.lagi seram since we didnt do anything else besides sitting there eating popcorn.haha..

    kalo kat rumah macam2 benda kacau.XD

  3. Haha,imagine tengah syok makan popcorn..sekali melatah tengok babak seram..

    Oh,I'd usually watch movies,alone,through my laptop..but with the lights on ( :P)