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Saturday, January 09, 2010

KARA Sings About Football?

According to this poorly written article by this ignorant writer, Dave Rumour, the South Korean girlgroup KARA apparently sang about football players in their hit song, Mister. Now now Mr. Dave, did you do your homework right?? THIS IS ONLY A FANMADE SUBS!! wow, if i'm Dave's boss i will be REALLY embarassed by this mistake. This is just another proof that MOST Westerners are really ignorant when it comes to Asians or Asia. Note to all writers : please do your homework before writing anything !

Watch the fanmade sub (did i mention it was funny?kudos to whoever that made 'em) :


  1. Aper??? Frank Lampard? 0_0

    IMO,connecting kpop and Europe football something new.

  2. yeah..weird but creative.LOL!