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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fake fake fake!!

I still can't believe this..I can easily find the fake Wonder Girls,2PM,2AM, & Big Bang's albums on the cd rack of popular music/video stores in Malaysia. How did i found out these are fake and not the original local printed ones? It started months ago when i was searching for Kpop cds in Speedy Video. I was shock and happy to find cheaper albums from Wonder Girls,2PM,Big Bang & also 2AM. i really thought it was the official local version of the albums but later i found out that all of them are FAKE or in other word, PIRATED because i can't find any logo of JYPE or YG (record company) on them unlike on SME's local printed cds. i was really sad since the cds all got Malaysia government's stickers on them. Since when Malaysia approved pirated cds/dvds? oh did i mention that all these were distributed by the same company called Perniagaan Unggul Telawi?

i was even get asked by a JYP USA representative, Jane, about the pirated cds. when she asked me at that time, i became more sure the cds were printed and distributed illegally in the country. how can the government just gave their permissions without consulting the record companies??



and another recent pic from Cas :

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