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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wonder Posto!!

Just look at what i found in the mailbox yesterday!

It's Wonder Girls' Limited New Year Postcard from New York!! *happy happy*

and 2 days before that...

it's Wawa Girl Magazine Dec 2009 issue with free WG's Cafe Mori poster!


 want 'em?? XD


  1. NAIS! Merch-merch ni yang official nyer ekh?

    I was excited to get a collection on my own..tapi..starter price nak kena spend is RM400+ XD

  2. only the postcard is.the mag is like any mag you found in bookstore.haha

    rm400?? O_O to buy what?

  3. Oic..dah lama tak browsing kat bookstores XD MPH kat P.A.S tak banyak sangat choices.

    The RM400 is to buy the official jersey of the Germany national team's goalkeeper :P

  4. wah rm400 just for the jersey! *pengsan*


  5. uh uh..I didn't expect the ori jersey would costs that,I think I'll have to resolve for the 'Petaling Street' ones. XD,the goalkeeper lagik mahal then the other position.Kalu yang pemain biasa costs RM300+