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Friday, January 22, 2010

Return of the klutz!

yup the klutz is back!it's none other than ME!LOL~ i dunno why but i always so clumsy. Last time i got a cut on my forehead while cleaning at the back of the house. i was so lucky that it was not a deep cut but it left a little scar on my forehead. XD

this latest incident happened to me yesterday while i'm going to the college. i accidentally tripped while walking down the stairs at Bukit Jalil's LRT station. i think i fell down 3 or 4 steps there which made me walk like a cripple person after that cause of my sprained ankle on my left foot. Miracle-ly,i still managed to walk from 1 class to another. But during the night after i got home, my foot became more swollen & it started to give me more pain. then my dad brought me to the clinic & the doctor gave me an MC for today. Here's the latest pic of my foot. LOL~


  1. take care...get well soon
    nanged u. Nang this to read about the official letter that i received from Google!

  2. thanks

  3. How are you dear? Aku pun pernah sprained (on my left foot) was on early February last year..terhenjut-henjut (naik bukit,cause my fac's up on the hill) uh,back and forth to class.My classmates' are like,"Aik,Angela..injured masa main bola ker?" XD

    ..anyways,keep you chin up! =)

  4. @angie - it's getting better now but still jalan terhinjut-hinjut u naik bukit with a sprained ankle?hebat seyh!haha

  5. yezza,pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan..naik bukit with a sprained left foot,memang NAIS. XD