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Sunday, January 24, 2010

No more Sunmi in Wonder Girls.. T-T

I was really really shock & mad when i saw this announcement by JYPE yesterday. How could Sunmi left the Wonder Girls when they're preparing for their 1st US/English album??Why Sunmi left?Was it a joke? All these questions were playing in my mind when i saw the announcement. Of course at that time i can't really think reasonable-ly as i just woke up.LOL~ but later i just accept the fact that Sunmi's going to left the group to concentrate on her studies after February. it's not that i don't care about her leaving the group, but i never forget the fact that,sooner or later someone will leave the group,just like in Spice Girls. i love her like i love all the other members, in fact i think most of the time Sunmi is my 2nd favourite Wonder after Yoobin (coz my ranking of the girls changes most of the time with the exceptional of Yoobin-my forever #1-).

- Yoobin & Sunmi , "NyuMa couple" -

Some people said it was a conspiracy made by JYPE because they're trying to penetrate the Chine market by bringing in someone who's fluent in Chinese into the group. I'd say that this is bullshit. You people are thinking too much, seriously. Hye Lim , the new girl who's supposed to fill in Sunmi's empty spot deserves NO HATE from us. It's not like she kicked Sun mi out of the group. Some people said Wonder Girls don't need another new member, just stay with 4. As much as i wanted this to happen, it's impossible. "Wonder Girls" is a 5-member group who sing & dance. For me, dance choreography/spot for 5 people is more "pretty" than 4 people. But that is just my opinion.

Some people also blamed Sunmi. They said Sunmi was really selfish for giving up the Wonder Dreams, instead i think, it's really selfish for us to force people to understand us rather than we understand them. I'm sure Sunmi had a really really really hard time making decision because she's not only making a decision for herself but also to the people surrounding her. I already saw some points where Sunmi really had a hard time living in the US by reading her blog entry that she posted in the Wonderful Fancafe some months before. She's really missing living in Korea , studying in school, friends & most importantly, her FAMILY. I'm pretty sure that deep in her heart, she felt guilty towards Wonderfuls who have supporting her after all these years. Let's not be overboard shall we? I know everyone is sad for Sunmi's departure but everything that happens, it happened for a reason. We might never know what the reason is because God knows what best. We can only plan..

- The pretty young girl who loves the space & loves to space out, Sunmi -

The only thing that shocked me was that, it was really really soon that we couldn't see it coming...

For me, Sunmi will always be a special WONDER GIRL. She will never be forgotten by all Wonderfuls....

Once a Wonder Girl, always a Wonder Girl...we'll be waiting for you, Sunmi yah! <3


  1. *two thumbs up for this post*

    Yeah,when there is a time where we have to choose between two of the most biggest decision in life,sadly we are unable to choose both. =(

    sooner or later someone will leave the group,just like in Spice Girls.
    Yeah,that was back then..I have to admit,I got a lil bit emo when Geri left that time.I'm honestly,as a fan,we can't omit that particular factor.That not only happens in pop groups,but that also other groups as well.

  2. i agree exactly what you is hard. -.-

  3. damn it..

    I'm just surprised its soooo soon. I wish i could stress how soon it is.. I woke up with this news... I'm lucky im still sane.... I am still speechless over this. Before I tend to write novels just to express my opinion. but how could i say something in this. when all I always desired for Wonder Girls are their happiness.. I bet it was really hard for her to come into this decision. To think that she calls Wonder Girls sisters her family. To leave them be.... the girl who only thought of her Wonder Girls as her future...

  4. Kam - i guess she's been thinking a lot in the US.About Hye Lim, maybe JYPE made her an offer she couldn't resist.imagine you're a trainee for all your life and then BOOM!you get to debut with a popular group..