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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonder stuff again XD

I was supposed to post this a few days ago, but I wasn't in the mood because of THIS SHOCKING NEWS that happened on the same day I got these stuff. Although a little expensive for me, but since the stuff are very rare I decided to buy them anyway. LOL~

1) Wonder Girls-BBQ Chicken 2010 Desk Calendar

  The whole calendar is full with Sunmi's cute pics and she got a solo page just for the month of December! <3 But I was really disappointed with BBQ Chicken just because they put ONLY 1 SOLO PIC of Yoobin!so biased!! >.<

 2) Wonder Girls-EXR Wonder Toys Style Book

the WG-EXR bags are sooooo cool!but sooooooo expensive *faints*
looks like this photobook may be the last endorsement for Sunmi with the rest of the Wonder Girls members before she left for school T-T

oh in case if you want to buy them, just search at Ebay.There are lots of stuff there including CDs/posters with WG's signatures on 'em.

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