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Saturday, July 24, 2010

No more Korean classes..

i've finished the Korean Level 1 classes but cannot continue with Level 2 since the class clashes with my college schedule..huhu..sayangnye... T-T

and seriously this sem's schedule was really giler la..imagine seeing the same lecturer for 1 whole day! *dies* and  most of the day my classes are until 5pm except for Thursday & Friday which i'm a little relieved..and this sem have to learn flash..aigoo i'm so bad at flash >.<

and i dunno why, my writing skills seems like it has been deteriorate over  this past few months..eeeck! 


  1. flash?? amik cos apa?
    sy 22..pgil kak bee eh..eheh... :)
    -Jauharah Unnie-

  2. media informatics ^^
    macam media+IT la..panggil je kak bee..hoho